Igniting Youth
2 min readNov 28, 2020


The pandemic has undoubtedly scarred everyone’s mental health. Confinement and phobia are two challenging things to comprehend. Every time you open the news app, you find statistics of the covid cases increasing while feeding us with the rest of the negative news from across the globe.

Online classes are tough to deal with because your attention span is short-lived. And by the end of the day, you attain a realization. You have been slammed with an ever-growing pile of assignments and presentations. “These are tough times,” the teachers say, and yet you have to go through all the stress and meet the deadlines for grades.

Academics isn’t enough to score a well-paying job anymore. You are on the constant look for new internships, projects, and volunteering opportunities. And your phone beeps again with yet another depressing notification of a crime.

It isn’t possible anymore to hide from the digital world. As long as you are on social media, you are going to be distracted. But do you have an option? Almost everything you need, from internships to shopping, social media has become the go-to place.

And maintaining a social presence is of equal importance. You have to binge the latest show and finish up the best-selling novel. These, which were a means of entertainment once upon a time, have become necessary to fit in.

With two hands working all day and strained eyes trying hard to focus on the screens, neglected sleep schedule, and an unhealthy diet, you may look good in your résumé and peers, but your inner glow is tarnished.

The glow and sparkle of being carefree and living every moment to the fullest are now replaced by a mechanical system trying to reach a corporate ladder’s top spot.

Let us all take a minute to unwind and think about where we are going with this. Is taking a bounty of tension at such a tender age going to make us the revolutionary youth capable of changing the world?

When you are working just to fit in the system and not driven by passion, you will get exhausted at one point. That day might not come shortly, but one day it is going to arrive. Maybe you’ll feel guilty about spending the best days of your lives stressing over things which don’t matter.

Take a step back and work at your own pace. Start indulging in things that make you happy. And don’t pay heed to fit in the system because none of the standards set by society can define your excellence.

By: Malvika Rathi