Incorporating sustainability in everyday life

Igniting Youth
Nov 19, 2020


People often think that leading a sustainable business is difficult and expensive, but with correct steps, everyone can incorporate sustainability easily without hassle. These are some of the ways you can do that:

1. Both men and women often use a razor to shave their bodies. Instead of using a plastic razor, people should opt for a stainless steel one. Stainable steel razors are not only recyclable and more durable, but it is 20 times cheaper than multi-blade cartridge refills.

2. Buy items that are in a glass container; use it to store other products after the bottle is emptied.

3. Buy clothes from thrift stores and sustainable brands, it helps small businesses flair and reduces fast-fashion and carbon footprints.

4. Save travel-sized bottles to refill with your regular-sized products when you travel. Buying travel-specific items create excess packaging waste and emissions to get to you when you could use what’s already in your home to make an accessible DIY travel-sized item

5. Keep reusing the plastic bags you obtain until you can’t anymore.

Author: Bhavna Gopalan