Stand up for animal rights!

Igniting Youth
Oct 27, 2020


I have seen many people playing with street animals, feeding them, petting them and I’ve never felt as happy as I do when I see them.

I’ve always felt that the way we treat animals is the true representation of who we are. There are people who abuse animals, torture them for fun or to establish dominance but I cannot express how inhumane this is!

Animals can’t speak but they can feel, we as humans should speak for them and stand up for their rights.

We live in a world that not only turns a blind eye to animal cruelty but condones it, there aren’t enough people fighting for animal rights!

Animals need our help. They can’t end cruelty against them on their own, so we have to step in and let people who victimize animals know that it’s not okay. If you witness animal abuse, report it. When more people become aware of animal cruelty, we’ll have the power to stop it.

Write-up/Design by: Bhavika Arora