Stop gender stereotypes!

Women’s empowerment begins with the act of considering women equal to men. The whole of feminist ideology revolves around the concept of establishing equality of all sexes. Discrimination against women has been so imminent in our society that we often fail to notice the subtle and latent forms of sexism.

Women’s empowerment can only be brought about when women are made aware of their rights. Most girls grow up to believe that they are inferior to boys and, thus, the surrender before the regressive and patriarchal structure of the society. Young girls must be taught that they are no less than boys and can achieve anything if they are determined to do so.

The society has always tried to curb the freedom of a woman because it is afraid of a woman who is strong and independent. We must recognize the ingrained misogyny in our society and work towards removing it. for example, we must teach both girls and boys to respect each other. Women fall victim to atrocities because men feel that they have the birthright to assert their power and authority over women. This can only be resolved by teaching boys from the very beginning that they are in no way superior to girls, and they have no right to touch a woman without her consent. The future is not a female. The future is equal and beautiful.

By: Bhavika Arora